Maine Wargamer’s Game Day – December 8, 2018

Day of battle

Well I have rejoined the Maine Historical Wargamer’s Association – MHWA and after a long break from socialized gaming I have jumped back in with both feet.

I have applied to run 2 games.  I am hoping to be accepted as a game master but there are a lot of talented gamers out there.  The first is Legnano.

If I get my first choice it will be a Day of Battle game the tile of which is the Battle of “Legnano“.  This battle takes place min later medieval Italy.  It pitches a large for of German and mercenary knights heading on a road to jpin their main army.  The force is blocked by a highly motivated Italian City state militia army.

This will be run for up to 6 players in 28mm scale.

I have started to play test the scenario, here are a  few pictures.  I will post an after action report as another post.


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Follow Me ! World War II Combat Wargame

day of battle

Follow Me ! World War II Combat Wargame

I stumbled upon a review though small of Peter Rice’s “Follow Me” WWII skirmish rules.

If you gamed in the Maine 0 Southern NH area in the late 70’s you knew of these rules.

Peter later went on to buy “Behind Enemy Lines” from Fasa Corp and rewrote them using his Follow Me rules concepts.

Both games are excellent and can’t be beat for accuracy and fun.

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