D-Day to Berlin Rules Prototype Ready


4th Arm XX Advances
4th Arm XX Advances

I have completed my first working draft of D-Day to Berlin. It is 33 pages long. I also have OOB for US and German forces for 1944-45 NW Europe and the QRS.

The documents are in .pdf form.

As you can all understand I want to keep track of who has a copy and I only want to share with those of you who are really interested in the subject.

So if you would like a proofing copy I would ask you to go to the Policy page on my website. I will put the link below. There in the text you will find my e-mail address. Copy that and send me an e-mail.

I will reply back ASAP with the documents.

I assure you I will not spam or share your information nor add them to any of my game e-mail lists unless you ask.




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D-Day to Berlin: US OOB


CCB 4th Armored Division
CCB 4th Armored Division

In my recent game “Breakthrough to Bastogne” I fielded the 4th Armored Division, the 80th Infantry Division and the 26th Infantry Division for the US side.  The 4th Armored Division consisted of CCA, B and R.  I have pictures of CCA and B.   


CCB has a tank battalion, armored infantry battalion, recon battalion, CCA HQ and an attached infantry battalion.

CCA is the same as CCB except it has a light tank detachment instead of a recon battalion.  I should note a detachment is usually a company strength unit.

CCA for 4th Armored Division
CCA for 4th Armored Division

I am also including an image of the 80th Division that detached 2 infantry battalions to the 4th Armored Division. 

The 80th Division has 7 infantry battalions (having detached 2 to the 4th Armored Division), 1 tank battalion, 1 tank destroyer battalion, 1 recon battalion, 1 HQ unit and 1 Artillery.  I tend to use mortar stands to represent Divisional Heavy guns.   

You will note the D6 in this image.  I have since changed over to D10’s for more granularity.

US 80th Infantry Div
US 80th Infantry Div

Here is a picture of the 4th armored advancing.  Note the blue cocktail marker above.  This is the Div boundary between the 4th Armored Division and the 80th Infantry Division.  The string was an idea I used for roads.  The snow had no impact on the game other than give the feeling of winter in the Bulge.  The German markers are from my old Axis and Allies game.   I use these to show when a unit has been “shattered ” or Lost.  You can see a German ATG defending the woods in the center and an infantry Battalion near the end of the river.  Both are in prepared positions.

4th Arm XX Advances
4th Arm XX Advances

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D-Day to Berlin WWII XXX Level Wargame


Panther battalion in D-Day to Berlin

Well I have been working on a new set of WWII XXX (corp) level rules for a few months now.  Besides running games with some friends I have done two game day events hosted by the MHWA as well as one at Huzzah and Havoc.  All were well received and helped me fine tune my ideas.

I have finally got a working QRS and Unit cards posted here on the D-Day to Berlin page.

I have the rules text maybe half way done, but most of the work right now goes into the QRS for play ability.  Thanks to Games Poet, David P., John M. and Art F. for their help and input.

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