Birthday Gift – Holy German Knights

Day of battle
day of battle
Holy German knights

A belated but heartfelt thank you to my amazing brother David for his Holy German Knights.

How many games can say that actually got painted soldiers on their birthday?  Well I did.

David hired the talented Peter Rice from Chain of Command to paint these wonderful figures.  Then peter mailed them to me.

Peter’s painting is world renown for their amazing detail.  I highly recommend toy check him out.

Thank you David.

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Norman Infantry

Chris Parker Games

I just finished up 24 Norman foot for my Lion Rampant army.  These are put out by Old Glory.

I painted them for my Lion Rampant army.  I base these using the new basing scheme that Lion rampant uses and you will see this when you look at the pictures.  I have decided to adopt this basing method for my Light Bobs troops and I can press my Lion rampant troops into my Day of Battle armies when needed.

Chris Parker Games Chris Parker Games Chris Parker Games Chris Parker Games



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