Light Bobs – Green Dragoons

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After reading “The Green Dragoon” and reviewing it I decided to round out my Tarleton’s legions green dragoons.

I had one unit of 6 green dragoons and a few stray mounted figures.  I didn’t want to buy a pack of dragoons for just a few miniatures so I took a tip from Pikeman’s Lament.  Some of the players with that game include dismounted troops on their dragoon bases.  I had a good assortment of legion infantry left so I did just that.

Basing is per Lion Rampant which i am now adopting for Light Bobs.


  • 1 model on a round 25mm base
  • 2 models on round 30mm bases
  • 3 models on round 40mm bases


  • 1 model on a round 40mm base 2
  • models on a round 50mm base
  • 3 models on a round 60mm base

This link will take you to a blog page with details on how this is done.

>>>> Click to see Lion Rampant base scheme

My Bases

Up until a year ago I always painted my bases a medium green that I had mixed at the Depot.  I used this paint for my table top so it gave my game a very consistent look.  Recently though I have deviated from that and come up with my own procedure for terraining my bases.  You can see my procedure on my previous post on the Norman Knights and Tarleton here.

Green Dragoons

Green Dragoons

Green Dragoons




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New Norman Knights

Chris Parker Games

I just finished up 12 Norman knights and sergeants.  These are put out by Conquest Games.

Conquest games Miniatures

This package comes with 15 mounted knights.  This isn’t a formal review but I had pro’s and con’s regarding this set.  First off it is nice getting 15 knights for the cost of 12 as in other sets.  Once opening the box though I discovered one of the miniatures is a casualty.  Now I don’t know about you but I don’t really have a need for a lot of cavalry casualties on my table top.  Also 14 miniatures don’t fit in my army O.O.B. and I doubt if they will for any others.  I think most gamers use their miniatures in groups of 6 or at least divided into 3’s.

Also I didn’t like the saddles.  They were part of the rider and very poorly molded into his lower body, with very poor detail.

I did like how they assembled.  The horse was part of the body so no seam there when assembling.  The figures themselves are very nice and though I have a few things I mentioned above I would still buy these.

This purchase was destined for my Day of Battle armies but once I painted them i decided to march them off to my Lion Rampant army.  I base these using the new basing scheme that Lion rampant uses and you will see this when you look at the pictures.  I have decided to adopt this basing method for my Light Bobs troops and I can press my Lion rampant troops into my Day of Battle armies when needed.

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