D-Day to Berlin v3.0 Available

D-Day to Berlin v3.0 Available

Well it has been awhile since I have mentioned about D-DtB here or anywhere.  After moving I have been spending a lot of time play testing and chatting with other interested games. 

Thank you all by the way.

Let me say that 3.0 is a major rewrite and reorganization after many play tests and a lot of great feedback.

Ranged combat has been borough back and assault combat has been changed slightly to an opposed die roll system.  This removes the save roll from assault combat and keeps both players involved.

I have made the game a bit more bloody to help speed it along. 

I have finally come to grips (I think) with road movement and motorized movement.

If you have received an earlier copy I have hopefully sent you a copy.  If you want one from this site help your self.  I have included a separate QRS for v3.0 as well.

Please keep the cards and letters coming, and be safe out there.  Go give the virus to any of your figures 🙂

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