Norman Infantry

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I just finished up 24 Norman foot for my Lion Rampant army.  These are put out by Old Glory.

I painted them for my Lion Rampant army.  I base these using the new basing scheme that Lion rampant uses and you will see this when you look at the pictures.  I have decided to adopt this basing method for my Light Bobs troops and I can press my Lion rampant troops into my Day of Battle armies when needed.

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New Brits for Light Bobs

I just finished up a long waiting project which is to flush out a company of mounted British Light Dragoons.


I don’t recall who made these figures as I have had them in a tray and unpainted for at least 4 years.  in fact I bought them long before I went down the 54mm road and then the 40mm scale road.

54mm American Revolution Game
Chris Parker Games
40mm Medieval Knight

Basing is per Lion Rampant which I am now adopting for Light Bobs.


  • 1 model on a round 25mm base
  • 2 models on round 30mm bases
  • 3 models on round 40mm bases


  • 1 model on a round 40mm base 2
  • models on a round 50mm base
  • 3 models on a round 60mm base

This link will take you to a blog page with details on how this is done.

>>>> Click to see Lion Rampant base scheme

My Bases

Up until a year ago I always painted my bases a medium green that I had mixed at the Depot.  I used this paint for my table top so it gave my game a very consistent look.  Recently though I have deviated from that and come up with my own procedure for terraining my bases.





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